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  • Introduction to Machine Learning Tools for Developers

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      Recommended Duration: 2 Days 

      Course Overview

      This two day class is an introduction to machine learning technologies and tools for software developers who are getting started with data science projects.  The emphasis of this training class is on obtaining and cleaning data such that it is ready to be used for training a machine learning model.  It also uses Amazon Web Services as the primary cloud platform.


      • Understand what data science and machine learning are

      • Know which problems require machine learning technology

      • Understand how to use AWS Machine Learning

      • Become familiar with how to use AWS for working with data sets from S3

      • Understand the capabilities of the AWS Deep Learning Amazon Machine Image

      • Learn how to use Python and the pandas library to clean data

      • Become familiar with the Jupyter notebook for data science projects

      • Explore machine learning ideas with Tensorflow

      • Learn how to train a model with a new data set using Spark and Amazon Machine Learning

      • Understand how to get machine learning predictions using an API endpoint

      Prerequisites: This class primarily uses the Python programming language but does not assume previous experience with Python.


      • Machine Learning and Data Science from a Developer's Perspective

      • Spark on Databricks

      • Amazon Machine Learning and Amazon Web Services

      • S3 to EC2 to S3

      • Using Jupyter Notebook with the Anaconda Python Distribution

      • Cleaning Data with Python

      • Tensorflow Tutorial with Jupyter Notebook and AWS Deep Learning AMI

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