Consulting Services

We support the full life cycle of Attracting, Developing and Engaging talent.

Our consulting services practice has largely grown organically from our training and development business. As our team members have worked with our clients, they have built deep relationships and become trusted advisors. So, when our clients have had talent management related needs, they have frequently looked to our team of experienced professionals to lend their expertise. As we have taken on these engagements, we have built a consulting practice that compliments our offerings in the leadership development and training space.  

Examples of our talent management consulting services include:
  • Designing Career Roadmaps for specific functions and roles within an organization
  • Developing Learning Architectures to support individual growth and development through specific career paths
  • Identifying Technology Solutions to support training and development
  • Creating Recruiting Strategies to ensure that the best quality candidates are identified and selected
  • Facilitating Strategic Planning Sessions and other meetings
  • Providing Logistical Support for training programs and meetings
  • Launching Corporate Universities and Academies that support the pipeline approach to succession planning and talent management