Custom Programs

In addition to our leadership programs and professional and technical courses, we also develop custom training and change management solutions for unique or proprietary training needs that our clients may have. When we develop these programs, we start with the business results that the organization seeks to achieve.  We then take a user-centered approach to design and deliver results. We focus on making the training interactive, engaging and immediately applicable. Whether it be a task oriented initiative, culture change, technology implementation, process change, global rollout, or a new mindset, we will commission the appropriate team to craft and implement the solution.

Examples of just a few custom solutions that we have developed for clients include:

  • Global Sales Force Training on New Product Capability Gained through Acquisition
    • Designed and developed a proprietary program to scale global sales and delivery capability of new service offerings gained through an acquisition. Primary goals for the program included maximizing the sales force's ability to explain the highly technical offering to clients and instilling confidence in the organization’s ability to deliver value through the new service so that the sales force would promote it to key clients and quickly generate sizable revenue while not cannibalizing current product offerings. Training was developed and delivered globally in a period of seven months with deliveries across the US, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America.
  • Shop Floor Execution Training Materials for Multi-National Aviation Manufacturer
    • Delivered training to 4000 shop floor employees on a proprietary system co-developed by Oracle and a small third-party developer. The engagement included learning the new systems as well as creating master employee manuals, instructor guides, job aids and workshop outlines. Training was delivered at five sites in the United States, Singapore and Malaysia and materials were customized to specific terminology and language used at each site. Key challenges addressed included illiteracy and scheduling the training to reach employees working on each of three regularly scheduled daily shifts.
  • New Project Management Methodology Training for Global Insurance Provider
    • Designed and delivered a course to institute a newly developed Project Management Methodology across the organization. Within a period of two months we learned the methodology, created materials, and delivered the training to their entire global IT community. Upon completion of the rollout, we updated and delivered this course for the non-IT community at the company.
  • Data Quality Course for Fortune 10 Global Energy Company
    • Developed and delivered a course to help the organization establish a common language, based on industry standards, to talk about data quality, and understand data quality concepts, methods and techniques and to apply these methods and techniques to improve data quality and prevent data quality issues. The course used some lecture to introduce new concepts but a greater emphasis was placed on hands on exercises to ensure comprehension and application. The course was delivered globally in the United States, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Nigeria and Angola