Early Career Leadership Programs

Attract, Develop and Retain Recent College Graduates.

Organizations that are strategic about succession planning use early career leadership programs to fill their pipelines. The most successful programs are robust and multi-faceted in the way they bring new talent into the organization. Training is just one dimension of these programs. Our custom solutions blend rotational job assignments, career coaching and mentoring, actionable feedback, training interventions and more to accelerate the early career years of new hires and deliver both immediate and ongoing value to the business.

Our experience includes working with organizations with established early career leadership programs as well companies who may be launching for the first time. Mature programs may require that we fill a pre-existing gap while new programs often require end-to-end support to launch. From developing a recruiting strategy to identifying engaging job assignments to designing and delivering training to driving involvement by organizational leaders, we provide direction, expertise and support where it is needed in order to make the program and its participants a success.
  • Read a Program Case Study
    • Wronski Associates partnered with the Nielsen organization to build the GBS Emerging Leaders Program. A program that attracts and develops high-potential STEM graduates in the first 1-3 years of their careers. The initial aims of the program were to: 1) quickly cultivate project managers who could deliver high-quality, on-time results; 2) create a pipeline of future GBS leaders to drive innovation, streamline processes and set strategy; and 3) build talent sustainability by establishing Nielsen as a destination for top engineering, operations, technology and measurement science graduates. The program quickly surpassed its initial goals and has served as a model for Emerging Leaders programs in other parts of the Nielsen business. Wronski Associates and Nielsen share a Brandon Hall Gold Award for the GBS Emerging Leaders Program.
      Key Program Components
      • Customized job assignments that provide an opportunity to explore the various parts of the organization’s business and align with the associate’s personal goals and interests. Associates participate in one of four tracks: Operations, Technology, Engineering or Measurement Science.
      • 11 weeks of intense training during the two-year program designed to build skills and abilities that will be needed in the roles associates will assume at Nielsen.
      • One-on-one coaching with internal mentors and an external coach to provide personal guidance and interaction along with career planning that facilitates assimilation into the organization.
      Program Outcomes
      • Developed a pipeline of top talent that is in high demand across the organization.
      • Impacted business results by leading the completion of more than 200 strategic projects since the program’s inception.
      • Increased organization’s recruiting profile on campuses with “in demand” engineering and technology graduates.