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Motivating Self and Others

Course Number:
Recommended Duration: 2 Days

Intended Audience: All Employees

Course Overview

What is it that leads some people to perform at 110% while others are performing just to get by? How do you reach in and jump start yourself on those “cloudy” days? This course explores the philosophies of leaders in motivation and teaches how to individualize your motivation messages so they connect and inspire action.


As a result of taking this course, you will learn to:
  • Understand factors that influence motivation – gender, generations, styles of information processing, attitude, and perspective.
  • Use individualized motivations to inspire action and commitment.
  • Utilize vision and goals as a tool for unifying teams.
  • Identify and implement practical ways to reward performance so team members know they are recognized and appreciated.
  • Communicate more effectively to create cooperation and accountability, resulting in more trust and accomplishment.
Prerequisites: None


  • Principles of motivation
  • Neurolinguistic programming
  • How we process and sort information and how it affects motivation
  • Rapport building
  • Generational differences
  • How to discover what people really want
  • Values as a motivational guide
  • Power of vision
  • Positive self-expectancy
  • Supervisor qualities that result in loyal work teams
  • Self-motivation tools and skills

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