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.NET Web Services Review/Recap and Hands-On Lab

Course Number: 527-JK
Recommended Duration: 1-2 days

Intended Audience: Experienced .NET programmers who have taken prerequisite online (e.g. Web-Based Training or Computer Based Training) in Web Services and XML.

Course Overview

There are five hands-on exercises. Exercises use the Microsoft Visual Studio tool (2005 or 2003).


This session provides reinforcement for on-line learning in a classroom environment with hands-on exercises to practice creation and use of Web Services in the .NET environment. Hands-on environment will use the Microsoft Visual Studio tool (2005 or 2003).


Students must have experience in or have completed appropriate online (WBT or CBT) courses in Web Services, XML, and .NET. (We can evaluate your online training's suitability for this follow-on)


  • Review of Web Service and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Web Service client
  • Web Service provider
  • SOAP
  • Web Service Description Language (WSDL)
  • Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI)
  • Creating a Web Service
  • Publishing a Web Service
  • Finding a Web Service
  • Using a Web Service
  • Testing, debugging, and SOAP faults

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