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New Course Offering: Fundamentals of APIs
This post highlights one of our newer course offerings, Fundamentals of API’s, which has received a high level of interest from our clients.

While summer is a slower season for many, it is one of the busier times of the year for us at Wronski Associates. Our summer early career programs are populated by recent graduates making the transition from school to work. In fact, this summer was particularly exciting for us because we launched new programs for many of our clients. 

While the participants in our programs work through transitions from school to work or to new rotations, many of our clients are immersed in their own transitions – developing and implementing their digital roadmap or digital strategy.  It is for that reason that we want to highlight post one of our newer course offerings, Fundamentals of API’s, which has received a high level of interest from our clients.

Specifically, we are finding that organizations are looking for training on APIs to achieve one or more of the following objectives:

  • To align team members as the organization moves towards a digital strategy and developing a shared understanding of why APIs are important components of this strategy.
  • To shift perspective so that team members view APIs as a product  rather than as an integration strategy,  and the type of business value APIs can create.
  • To integrate API design and development into organizational processes to optimize time to market.

The API Fundamentals course we offer can be delivered to both technical and cross-functional audiences.  In some cases, half-day sessions are offered to business audiences where the structure is heavy Q&A, allowing for a basic introduction to APIs while also answering questions related to what participants do in their daily jobs and the business’ goals.  In other cases, a two-day option is available for developers, software analysts, QA teams and technical writers responsible for designing, documenting, and building APIs.

Key Topics that may be covered in the session include:

  • API Fundamentals
  • Designing a great API
  • Hands On Rest
  • Documentation and Testing
  • API Security
  • General Architecture Principles

The course is modular and flexible so that it can be adapted to meet the needs of your organization.  For more information, please view the course description online or contact us for details.