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Using Improvisational Comedy to Maximize Agile Project Methodology Effectiveness
Whose Agile Project is it Anyway? is a fun, interactive, and participant driven workshop designed to help teams and organizations ensure that key interpersonal skills are in place to increase the effectiveness of an Agile project or initiative.

If your organization is looking to use Agile project management methodology you may best be served by hiring a comedian to lead the effort.  Why?  Because many of the core tenants of Agile mirror those found in improvisational comedy.  Allow us to explain.

To be successful in improvisational comedy you don’t necessarily need to be funny.  Rather, you need to possess the ability to listen well, be comfortable with imperfection and ambiguity, be quick on your feet, and, most of all, trust your fellow performers.  Improvisational comedy relies on teamwork and in-the-moment group communication, similar to the process in which an Agile team works.  Traditional project management could be compared to stand-up comedy or a scripted theater production where the action is decided upon well in advance of the show.  With improv and Agile we don’t know how the story will go – or even end for that matter – until we are well into the production.

We are excited to announce a new offering that adds an improvisational component to support an Agile project launch and learning and development initiatives focused on Agile.  By offering this component, organizations will be helping team members and participants learn valuable skills to be successful in current and future projects.  In addition, these team members and participants will then possess the critical mindset and perspective that will help maximize the effectiveness of any Agile effort.

Follow this link to read about our new course, "Whose Project is it Anyway?" or contact Wronski Associates to learn more about our new and innovative approach to help teams and organizations learn Agile using improvisational comedy.  The results will be nothing to laugh at!