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Understanding Your Style: The DISC Personality Profile

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Recommended Duration: 1 Day - 3 Days

Intended Audience: All Employees

Course Overview

The Personal Profile System presents a plan to help you understand self and others in the work environment. You are the central focus as you heighten understanding of your style and identify the environment most conducive to your success. At the same time you learn about the differences of others and the environment they require for maximum productivity and harmony in the work environment


The Personal Profile System is a self-administered, self-developing instrument. Conceived out of the needs expressed by individuals and work organizations, it collects and disseminates information in a rapid, economical way. It is a scientifically researched communications tool which opens the door to greater understanding of self and others in order to build and maintain a sense of personal worth and self esteem in our personal and professional lives.

Prerequisites: None

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