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Professional Etiquette and Global Awareness

Course Number:
Recommended Duration: 2 Days

Intended Audience: All Employees

Course Overview

This course offers participants valuable information on presenting a professional image, using body language effectively, and demonstrating appropriate business etiquette in global, cross-cultural environments. Participants will develop a comprehensive appreciation of the cultural differences that influence global business, with an emphasis on respecting the differences and increasing cross-cultural communication effectiveness.


As a result of taking this course, you will learn to:
  • Understand critical cultural differences in the way people think, communicate, team with others, make decisions, and conduct business.
  • Compare your self- awareness to your global awareness on 16 different measures of cultural diversity.
  • Develop cross-cultural skills by linking conflicts to cultural differences, and then learning how to best adapt your style in global business settings to achieve maximum results.
Prerequisites: None

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