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Leave it to Beaver Meets Netflix:  Bridging the Generation Gap

Course Number:
Recommended Duration: 1 Day

Intended Audience: All Employees

Course Overview

The workplace is now a community made up of people from four different generations. To create a community capable of bridging the gap of generations, we must learn to appreciate and understand our generational differences and similarities. This course helps participants to learn from, respect, and appreciate the different generations spanning the workplace.


As a result of taking this course, you will:
  • Explore different generations that span our workplace community and learn what makes each generation unique.  
  • Learn how each generation has a different set of values with respect to work ethic, teamwork, feedback, loyalty, management style, and messages that motivate.  
  • Gain tools and techniques for bridging the generation gap.  
  • Learn how to supervise and communicate effectively with each generation.  
  • Challenge yourself to respect and appreciate generational differences.  
  • Learn how to adapt ones style to connect and engage.  
  • Expand your ability to gain new perspective and learn from each generation.
Prerequisites: None

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