Amazon Web Services

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  • Introduction to Amazon Web Services, Databases, and APIs with Java

      Course Number: JL
      Recommended Duration: 2 Days 

      Course Overview

      This two day class is an introduction to cloud-based development for software developers who are not yet familiar with Amazon Web Services.  The focus is on developing the skills needed to create new web applications and micro services, and then to deploy them on Amazon's infrastructure.

      This class is taught in Java, but could be modified for use with Node.js, Ruby, or Python.


      • Understand the difference between cloud servers and dedicated hardware

      • Know how to start and connect to a Linux Server running on AWS

      • Learn how to store files on Amazon S3 and retrieve them

      • Explain where using S3 for file storage would be more appropriate than storing files on the server

      • Learn how to start and connect to database instances on AWS

      • Learn how to query for data on relational databases

      • Learn how to query for data on NoSQL databases

      • Be able to explain what an API is, and where to find third-party APIs

      • Understand the basics of RESTful API Design

      • Know the different HTTP methods

      • Create a Java web application that implements a simple REST API

      • Deploy that Java web application to Amazon using Elastic Beanstalk

      • Understand AWS Security Policies and User Management

      • Become familiar with the AWS Management Console


      • Introduction to Amazon Web Services

      • Setting up and running an AWS EC2 Linux Servier

      • Intro to Amazon S3 and Storage

      • Working with S3 Buckets

      • Databases and Amazon Web Services

      • Hands on Lab: Relational and NoSQL Databases on AWS

      • Intro to APIs, REST, and Postman

      • Intro to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

      • Deploying a Java REST API to AWS

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